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About Us


Our Experiences page found on our website’s main menu outlines the sessions we offer and what is included, as well as our prices.


We are a privately owned business.  Our passion for building simulators started back in 2004, where Steve (business partner) was building Boeing 737 AWAC simulators for a contract between THALES and RAAF.  Since then we have gained valuable experience on how to build the ultimate flight simulator.  We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction with the build quality and the actual flying experience. 

Steve is now also qualified as an Aviation Simulator Evaluator.  A Simulator Evaluator is a person appointed by CASA to investigate and/or re-certify airline industry Level D simulators.


The simulator is a Boeing 737-800 NG based.  The flight dynamics are in-house engineered to replicate the 737-800W flight model and has been injected into the avionics computer.  The simulator is powered by state of the art IBM P-series servers operating in a multi-cluster mode.  This produces a combined processing power of 15Ghz of supercomputing.  The effect of this is latency free high frame rate realistic flight dynamics. 

The visuals are run by state of the art high definition projection system.  All of this is reflected on a 9m curved screen with 250 degree field of view.  The cockpit is fully enclosed and air-conditioned.

The simulator is classified as a 3 degree of movement motion simulator,  so it does have landing and ground effects.  You can feel the bumps, shakes and vibrations of the aircraft as you come down the runway.

40% of the parts are actual Boeing aircraft parts and 60% of the cockpit parts are composite and custom made replica parts. 

The simulation software is also built in-house by our parent company, K&S Simulations.


Our penultimate goal is to achieve a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) C-Level or D-Level certification.  We have already started building our second simulator which will have a 6DOF hydraulic motion system which we hope to launch by the end of 2016.



What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing and closed flat shoes. For females, best to wear pants and flat shoes as the cockpit is tight environment. Please note the cockpit is air-conditioned so it can get quite cool.

Can I bring a friend?

The simulator only accommodates the Captain (you) and the First Officer (your pilot instructor).  A HD Video recording is available for purchase so that you can share the experience and show off to all your friends afterwards again and again, until they tell you to stop!

Can I share the session with a friend?

As there is so much to learn in such little time, unfortunately sharing is not possible.  If you have a special purpose in mind then please contact us to discuss and we can provide a customized quote.

Can kids fly?

Children from the age of 13 can fly the simulator, but must be at least 150cm tall.  As this is a replica of an actual Boeing 737, it will be difficult for small children to see the screens and reach the instruments. The simulator is not a toy or arcade game,  so must be handled responsibly. If the flight experience is for a person aged 13-17, we recommend the 30 minute as the longer sessions may be too intense.  Please also inform us if the booking is for a 13-17 year old, so the pilot instructor can prepare accordingly (with the exception of pre-organised school programs).
Please also note: Children under 10 are not permitted inside the simulator as the equipment is very expensive and must not be played with.  Just like a real aircraft, one button accidentally touched can cause the simulator to malfunction.

Are there height and weight restrictions?

Due to confined space in the simulator cockpit, height is restricted to between 150cm and 190cm and weight to 120kg. We by no means intend to discriminate but it is for customer safety that we must abide by these restrictions.

Is there disabled access and/or facilities?

Unfortunately our location is not suitable for wheelchairs nor disabled access. We by no means intend to discriminate but it is for customer safety.  As the simulator is based on an actual Boeing 737, some mobility is required to enter and exit the cockpit.

Will the experience be recorded?

Yes! Your experience can be recorded with a wide-angle HD camera and the DVD or USB available for purchase. So you can watch your experience over and over again and brag to your friends! If you wish to purchase the DVD or USB (which depends on the length of the session), please inform your pilot instructor or the flight attendant upon checking in. Or when making your booking. So that we can make sure to press the record button. PLEASE NOTE: video recordings with your own device are not permitted inside the simulator or in the viewing lounge. The instruction is intentional not audible on the video, although you will be able to hear the simulated aircraft noises to enhance the realism of the flight.


Is it a motion simulator?

The simulator is classified as a 3 degree of movement motion simulator,  so it does have landing and ground effects.  You can feel the bumps, shakes and vibrations of the aircraft as you come down the runway.  Important Note: If you do suffer from motion sickness, or have back or neck problems, please advise your pilot instructor or the flight attendant upon checking in. Or when making your booking.  We are also in the process of building a second simulator which will be 6 degree full-motion and certified for pilot training.  Sign up to our enewsletter on the Contact Us page to keep updated on the progress.

Is it a fully enclosed simulator?

Yes! The 737Jet experience is designed to make you feel like you’re really flying a plane. You’ll forget that you’re still on the ground!

How realistic are the visuals?

The 737Jet experience prides itself with realistic imagery in Ultra HD resolution, and doesn’t compromise with cartoon or computer-like images. We have 250 degree visuals on a 9m curved screen. Plus Australia’s first 5760 x 1080p HD resolution image generators. The airports are identical to the world’s famous cities.  The 737Jet experience has by far the best graphics in the industry.

Are the instructors real pilots?

Yes! All our instructors are at minimum commercially qualified (CPL). They all have extensive flying experience and are trained instructors.  Whilst our simulator is suitable for pilot training, the 737Jet experience is for entertainment, so our instructors are all friendly and really good at keeping the lessons professional and fun at the same time.

Can I use my own camera to take pictures?

No, cameras including video cameras and mobile phone cameras are not permitted in the cockpit. We are setup though to record your experience and provide it on a DVD or USB (depending on the length of the session) for purchase as well as posing for a photo, which will be emailed to you and posted on the 737Jet Facebook page (please advise us though if you do not want your photo on Facebook).  A souvenir frame is available for purchase as well, along with other 737Jet merchandise in-store.

Is the information I supply when booking online secure?

Yes, our website is protected by Rapid SSL and so your information will also be protected. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

What payment methods do you accept?

Online bookings are made via PayPal, where you can pay securely using a credit card. You do not require a PayPal account, just follow the prompts to enter your credit card details.

Bookings can also be made on the phone and paid by credit card. A receipt will be emailed to you.  Or come visit us in person and pay by cash.  (Please note, we do not accept American Express or Diners Card).

All bookings must be paid for before the session booking day.

The HD Video Recording, Photos, 737Jet Merchandise and any additional future bookings can be paid in person on the day by eftpos or cash.

How do I book and/or claim a gift voucher?

Go to the Bookings page to make a new booking or to the Gift Vouchers page to purchase a Gift Voucher.  Select the experience by session duration and follow the prompts to checkout.  If you have a discount promotion code, enter it in the designated ‘Promo Code’ field, click on the ‘Go!’ button and the discount will be automatically updated.  A confirmation email will be sent to you soon after with additional details and either your booking time confirmation or a Gift Voucher with a unique voucher code (as a PDF attachment).  You will also receive a receipt for your payment in a separate email.  Gift Vouchers also come with a special link for a complimentary 737Jet Boarding Pass Gift Card.  If you would prefer, a 737Jet Boarding Pass Gift Card can also be posted to you upon request or pick one up in-store.

The gift voucher recipient can redeem their voucher online via the Redeem a Voucher page and follow the prompts to enter their unique voucher code, their personal contact details and select their chosen date and time.  If they have any issues, contact us by phone or email or use the contact form on the Contact page.

Are gift vouchers transferable?

Yes, although the gift voucher will have a unique claim code that can only be used once. If you choose to pass on your voucher, please notify us of who will be taking the experience in your place so we can update our records. Gift Vouchers must strictly be redeemed and the experience completed BEFORE the expiry date and are non-refundable.

I received a gift voucher, can I upgrade my session?

Absolutely, just contact us before booking in your session so we can work something out for you.

My Gift Voucher is about the expire, can I extend it?

Our Gift Vouchers must strictly be redeemed and the experience completed by the expiry date.  No extensions are possible, therefore do not leave it to the last day to redeem!  Please note, these conditions were clearly provided during our Christmas 2015 promotion and purchases were made in acceptance of the conditions, therefore there will be no negotiation.

How much does it cost to become a Flight Club member?

By taking one of our experiences, you can join our Flight Club for free! Please see our Flight Club page for all the exciting and exclusive benefits of being a 737Jet club member.

Why do I need to provide Photo ID to become a Flight Club member and/or for 90 minutes and over sessions?

Due to government regulations and security, current original Photo ID is necessary for longer and consecutive sessions due to the knowledge obtained to fly a commercial aircraft.  We maintain the right to cancel a booking if a customer refuses to provide their Photo ID when requested.  If you have any questions in this regard, call or email us to discuss.

Can I customize my flight experience?

This will be offered exclusively to our Flight Club members. Whilst we have pre-designed the sessions, we are also in the business of fun! So if you would like a more exhilarating and dramatic flight, we are more than happy to accommodate.

If you have something specific in mind, call or email us to discuss.

What if I am running late for my booking?

Please contact us as soon as you can to inform us. Your session may be cut short by the amount of time you are late so that the next customer is not affected.

Please make every effort to arrive at least 10 minutes before your booking time to ensure you make the most of your experience.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Cancellations, reschedules and refunds are not permitted.  Therefore make sure the date chosen for your booking is a definite.  Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.  Gift Vouchers are also non-refundable.  Please note, these conditions were clearly provided during our sales promotions and purchases were made in acceptance of the conditions, therefore there will be no negotiation.

Can I come again?

Absolutely! In fact we hope you do! As we are sure that after your first session, you’ll want to come back for more! Take advantage of our Flight Club membership where you can enjoy special member discounts and offers.


Please note that we are a fully private and independent running simulator business and are not affiliated with any other franchise organizations. Our simulator has been privately built and is only a replica of a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft and is not endorsed by Boeing. The trademark names “Boeing” and “737” are owned by The Boeing Company, Seattle Washington.