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30 mins

30MinThis package gives you a minimum of one takeoff and one landing at a pre-chosen destination airport. Take control of a Boeing 737-800NG* (Next Generation) aircraft as Captain, with the help of a qualified First Officer. You will experience the fundamentals of operating a 60tonne aircraft. This session provides you with basic knowledge of aviation fundamentals. More Info »
Price: $180.00

45 mins

45MinThis package provides you the experience of disembarking from the terminal gate and taxiing to the takeoff runway position. In this session you will experience what it feels like to navigate a Boeing 737* on a very busy terminal tarmac. Includes a minimum of one takeoff and one landing at a pre-chosen airport. More Info »
Price: $220.00

60 mins

166183750-bannerExperience the ultimate flying sensation with this package. It includes a full briefing and pre-flight checklist with your First Officer, understanding of aircraft physics in relation to fuel load, passenger density, and cargo weight distribution. You will learn how to input data into the 737 state of the art FMC (Flight Management Computer). Includes two take-offs and landing. This session qualifies for a 737JET Certificate of Completion. More Info »
Price: $250.00

90 mins

179283374-bannerThis session is for the thrill seeker and is inclusive of all the other experiences. Plus 3 additional airports of your choice for takeoff and landing, an extreme challenge to land in one of the world’s most difficult airports, learning how to navigate takeoff and landing in extreme stormy and turbulent conditions, where your heart will be pounding when the aircraft loses 1000 feet of altitude in a matter of seconds whilst in dramatic weather conditions!! This session qualifies for a 737JET Certificate of Completion. Please note that 90 Minutes and over sessions require presentation of original Photo ID upon check-in due to government regulations. More Info »
Price: $325.00


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Please note that we are a fully private and independent running simulator business and are not affiliated with any other franchise organizations. Our simulator has been privately built and is only a replica of a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft and is not endorsed by Boeing. The trademark names “Boeing” and “737” are owned by The Boeing Company, Seattle Washington.